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Our rights as motorcyclists are constantly being challenged at an alarming rate, so every motorcycle enthusiast should, at the very least, belong to a Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) of their choice. Following is a list of MRO's that you can join. Visit their websites for more information.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
-- Thomas Jefferson

United States: Minnesota MROs

ABATE of Minnesota

"Benefits of membership: Representation in state government. Reduced insurance rates. Information on legislation. And more..."


Minnesota Motorcycle Club Coalition

Webmaster note: In addition to the coalition's main website, visitors should check out their excellent, well-organized summary of Minnesota law affecting motorcyclists and your legal rights in general:


Minnesota Confederation of Clubs

"The Minnesota Confederation of Clubs mission is to serve as a conduit on matters pertaining to current laws, pending legislation, personal rights of Motorcycle Club Members, intentions of elected officials and their constituents, to protect and promote awareness of member’s legal rights and situations that affect us, and there by fight against discrimination and harassment."


St. Croix Valley Riders

Est. 1990 - "Endorses education, not legislation. Encourages political involvement. Helps fight for bikers rights. Actively works for motorcycle awareness. Helps improve the motorcyclist's image. Is open to all bikers, regardless of what brand they ride."


Association of Independent Riders

Est. 1981 - "AIR members are activists for biker rights and safety, but also like to host rides and sponsor community biker events."


Minnesota Motorcycle Riders Association

Webmaster note: This MRO's website was not online at time of publication. If you have any information about this group, please contact our webmaster.

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