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Our rights as motorcyclists are constantly being challenged at an alarming rate, so every motorcycle enthusiast should, at the very least, belong to a Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) of their choice. Following is a list of MRO's that you can join. Visit their websites for more information.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
-- Thomas Jefferson

United States: California MROs
ABATE logo

ABATE of California

Est. 1970's - "ABATE of California, Inc. is a not-for-profit, social membership-driven, tax-exempt California corporation dedicated to preserving motorcyclists' freedom of choice and freedom of the road."


Modified Motorcycle Association of California

Est. 1973 - "for the concerned motorcyclist with the goals and objectives of making the sport of motorcycling safer, and protecting the interest of its members."


BOLT of California
Bikers of Lesser Tolerance
Alt. site:

"BOLT of California was founded in 1993 in the wake of the enactment of a mandatory helmet law in California. We are committed to helping rid California of not only helmet laws, but all laws intended to stifle the freedom of Californians; not to mention freedom from all other forms of bureaucratic tyranny so prevalent in government today."


Confederation of Clubs

California consists of six regional COCs

United Motorcycle Clubs of Alameda County
(no web site yet)

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Member-only website: UMCOAC

Est. 2011 - "To protect our constitutional rights and promote solidarity among the clubs of our region. Diverse but not divided"

Motorcycle Clubs Are Not Street Gangs (MCANSG)

California consists of six regional COCs


United Bikers of Northern California

"We are Dedicated to the Freedom and Safety of All Motorcyclists"


San Diego Off-Road Coalition

"SDORC works with other associations, governmental organizations, and interested individuals to bring about a safe and responsible off-roading experience."

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